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Remember to Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance During Spring

Monday, February 26th, 2018

air-conditioner-technicianHey, you know what’s really not fun, aside from being eternally haunted because you didn’t know that it’s never a good idea to read Latin out loud from an old book you found in your basement? Having your air conditioner break down in the middle of summer. Nobody wants to have to resort to cold showers and freezing in their underwear because their AC malfunctioned in the middle of a heat wave. You may not be able to 100% ensure that your air conditioner will work fine over the summer, but you can take some definitive steps to keep it functioning as well as possible. The best thing you can do for your air conditioner is schedule preventive maintenance for it.

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What Heater Would Be Best for Me?

Monday, February 12th, 2018

furnaceWe may be coming to the end of the current heating season, but there’s always next season to think about. If you think your current heating system might not survive another winter, now is actually a great time to install a new system. There are a lot of heating system types available on the market, each of which is suited to a different set of needs and circumstances. Have a look at some of the most popular options below to help you get started on deciding on the best one for you. As always, we recommend you consult with a professional before making a final decision on which system to install.

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