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3 Potential Problems with Your Ductwork

The ducts in your house spread through the attic, crawlspaces and similar unseen locations: connected to your heating and air conditioning system, and spreading conditioned air from one corner of the house to another. When problems arise with your ductwork, it can affect the system to which it is attached: causing your unit to work harder than it should and increasing wear and tear in the process. That can cost you money you don’t need to spend in monthly heating and cooling bills. Here in Brazoria, TX, ductwork services including air duct repair and sealing are offered by qualified HVAC services such as Switzerland Air. Here are 3 potential problems with your ductwork that a trained professional can solve.

  • Lowered air flow
    Low air flow can be caused by blockage or build-up in your ducts, or by damage to the ductwork caused by outside forces. In some cases, the ducts can develop a breach thanks to insufficient seals or a break in between individual sections of ducts. In those cases, air can escape out of the ducts rather than traveling where it should go. In any case, the lowered air flow means your system won’t be able to condition your air efficiently.
  • Dust
    Dust and debris can get in through breaches in the ducts, as well as building up over the course of time. The ducts can spread it throughout your house, lowering the quality of air and increasing the likelihood of an allergic attack. A qualified technician can perform a duct cleaning to remove the dust.
  • Reduced cooling capacity
    Ducts can warm up if they’re exposed to sunlight, if they’re in a hot area of the house or if they’re too close to an un-insulated outside wall. (The same holds true when you’re trying to heat up the house on a cold day, as the ducts cool down and cool the air down as well.) A technician can fix the issue by adding insulation or similar protective measures to the affected area.

For professional ductwork and other indoor air quality services in Brazoria, TX, contact the experts at Switzerland Air. We can address most potential problems with your ductwork and ensure that you are satisfied with our work every step of the way. Give us a call today to make an appointment.

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