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3 Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are a reliable and cost-effective alternative to more traditional forms of air conditioning, but since they use the same basic system as air conditioners, they often suffer from very similar problems. Good maintenance can help, of course, and here in Freeport TX, heat pump repair services are on call to provide assistance. But it starts with the homeowner realizing the need for a repair and acting accordingly. Here are 3 signs you need heat pump repair.

  • Cooling capacity is reduced
    If your heat pump isn’t creating cool air like it should (or warm air if you’re running your heat pump in the winter), it increases strain on the unit and costs you in higher monthly heating costs as well.  Lower cooling capacity can result from a leak in your refrigerant, a problem with the compressor motor, difficulty with the expansion valve and similar issues. You might check your evaporator coils for frost build-up, which is a good sign that your cooling capacity isn’t what it should be.
  • Air flow is lowered
    Reduced air flow can be as problematic as reduced cooling capacity, since the heat pump isn’t able to blow air into your home with the speed hat it needs to. Again, they usually mean the heat pump has to work harder to do its job, which costs you more money in monthly bills as well as increasing strain on the heat pump as a whole.
  • Strange noises come for your heat pump
    This can include odd humming noises, arcing noises, rattling noises or anything that you don’t associate with the normal operation of the heat pump. It’s an obvious symptom of a problem, but the cause can come from almost anywhere. Shut off the heat pump immediately and call a technician the moment you detect any odd noises.

Spotting the signs you need heat pump repair is just the first part of the process. The next is contacting a trained professional like the ones at Switzerland Air. We specialize in heat pump and other heating system repair in Freeport, TX is our specialty, and we’re dedicated to making you completely happy. Give us call today to make an appointment!

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