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3 Steps for Avoiding Unnecessary Air Conditioning Repair

At some point, you will need to schedule a repair for your air conditioner. While there is no way to completely avoid repair needs, there are ways to reduce the need for unnecessary air conditioning repair in Freeport, TX. One of the ways Switzerland Air helps our customers is to pass along tips that can help with things like decreasing the need for repair. Here are a few of our suggestions when it comes to preventing unnecessary repair work:

Schedule and Conduct Bi-Annual Maintenance

Bi-annual maintenance helps avoid unnecessary repair for 4 important reasons:

  • Your entire system is thoroughly inspected for problems
  • Refrigerant levels are checked
  • The coils and filters are cleaned; visible debris is removed from the system
  • Small issues like frayed wires, lubrication and worn fan belts are taken care of

The work done during a maintenance appointment helps head off potential problems and to identify existing ones – such as refrigerant leaks, electrical issues, problems with fans and motor issues – before they can grow into large and potentially costly problems.

Don’t Ignore Problems

Have you noticed a slight decrease in your air flow or strange noises coming from your system? It can be easy to ignore these kinds of things, especially if your air conditioner appears to be operating normally. Just as people with a cold will exhibit symptoms, so, too will your AC when it’s not healthy. Problems rarely, if ever, go away on their own, so if you hear, see or smell strange things coming from your AC, make an appointment with one of our technicians.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

It’s a small thing, but it can cause big problems: a clogged air filter. The job of your air conditioner’s air filter is to capture as much dirt and dust as possible so that it doesn’t build-up in your air conditioning system. As such, it fills up, and if it’s not changed, it can restrict the air flow in your system and reduce the quality of your indoor air. Depending on your AC usage, it is recommended that you change your air filter every 1-3 months.

These simple steps can help your air conditioner be healthier, last longer and need fewer repairs. However, if you are in need of air conditioning repair service on your Freeport, TX property, call Switzerland Air today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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