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3 Great Ways to Kill Your Air Conditioner

air-conditionerSummer is the best time of year to absolutely destroy your air conditioner, if that’s a thing you want to do. Most people don’t, and for good reason. It’s nice to have a way to stay cool when record high temperatures are happening outside. Still, if for some reason you’re really determined to shorten your air conditioner’s lifespan as much as possible (and you shouldn’t be) then you should take a look at the following ways to do that.

Don’t Schedule Maintenance

Most of the issues that affect your air conditioner happen subtly. You are unlikely to notice that your system is dealing with some sort of problem before it has already suffered damage from that problem. The best way around this is to schedule preventive maintenance at least once every year. This increases the energy efficiency of the air conditioner, and lessens the odds of a serious problem developing in the system. Of course, we’re trying to destroy your air conditioner in this case, so the best thing you can do to that end is to simply not schedule any maintenance at all.

Don’t Call for Repairs

Even with preventive maintenance, there is still a chance of some sort of issue developing between appointments. Systems wear out as they get older, after all, and no amount of professional service can offer 100% certainty that the system will never deal with another problem again. There are many different signs that an air conditioner is dealing with some sort of issue, from falling output to strange noises. If your goal is to harm your air conditioner as much as possible, we advise that you do your best to not call for repairs if and when you notice something strange going on with your system.

Don’t Replace Your Old AC

Once an air conditioner gets to be around the age of 15, it will start to collect all kinds of chronic issues that will negatively impact its performance. The longer the air conditioner is used, the more problems it will collect and the more it will cost to keep it up and running. Normally, once your air conditioner gets to this point we would recommend that you replace it as soon as possible. Since we’re being more than a bit facetious in this blog post, however, we recommend that you go ahead and use your air conditioner as long as you can before it breaks down entirely. At that point, we suppose, you will have quite thoroughly accomplished your very strange goal of killing your air conditioner.

If your goal is to keep your air conditioner healthy and efficient as possible, however, we would instead recommend that you do the exact opposite of what this blog is suggesting. We’re going to guess that most of you fall into this category. At least, we certainly hope so.

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