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5 Essential Tips for Better AC

The weather is warming up. Although we know you’re looking forward to days spent out by the pool, we want you to make sure that your home is as comfortable as possible. The weather is only going to get warmer as time goes on. Make sure that your home’s air conditioning in Clute, TX is ready to go.

We’re prepared to help you with what you need for the best AC performance. If you realize you need more in-depth air conditioning services, start with a call to our team members. We’re prepared to handle all the jobs you need done. For now, we want you to start with trying out some of these tips.

Try These Tips Today

Here are some tips you can try out in your home today. They’re sure to improve your AC efficiency:

1. Clear It Out

One thing that goes unnoticed by many homeowners is what’s covering their vents.

It’s easy to lose sight of the importance of your HVAC systems during the in-between seasons of fall and spring. We don’t want you to fall into this trap this spring. We know that you’re probably engaging in spring cleaning and you might throw a cherry on top by rearranging your furniture or bringing some new pieces in. Make sure that you don’t put a painting in front of one of your vents or place a bookshelf in front of one. Keeping your vents clear provides you with the best cooling power.

2. Minimize the Light

Closing your blinds and/or curtains during the height of the day helps you stay cooler. Bright light raises the temperature of your home. You might not notice it during the spring season, but it will make a huge difference during the summer. It will help your air conditioner cool off the living space faster and with better efficiency.

3. Take Note of Heat-Producing Appliances in Your Home

There are many things in your home that heat it up. These appliances include your stovetop, oven, and your dryer.

We know that you can’t just stop living during the warmer months of the year, but we suggest that you do these things in the evening if you can. Avoiding operating heat-producing appliances during the height of the day keeps you cooler.

4. Improve Your Thermostat

If you still have an older thermostat, you should consider upgrading. Wi-Fi and smart thermostats help your home. They’re designed to eliminate as much human error as possible, consider your needs, and help you achieve energy-efficient HVAC performance.

5. Always Go for Maintenance

You should schedule an appointment for maintenance annually for your AC. This isn’t something you can skip. It’s the best way to ensure that your air conditioner stays in top-quality shape and doesn’t give you any extra problems. Maintenance is what stands between you and a large repair issue or even a breakdown.

If you’re interested in keeping all of your HVAC systems in great shape throughout the year, then consider enrolling in our maintenance program.

Contact Switzerland Air today to schedule an appointment with our team members.

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