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7 Signs That Your Furnace Is In Trouble

Recently, we discussed why gas furnaces are great. We don’t want you to get the wrong impression by the subject matter we’re going to discuss today. They’re still great! They’re just pieces of equipment that are fallible. This means things can go wrong. A furnace problem doesn’t have to be catastrophic. This is especially true if you catch this problem early. This is why we want to tip you to the signs of furnace trouble.

Your furnace in Clute, TX is a complex piece of equipment. Luckily, we have a full staff of team members who know how to provide you with the best work. Just call us or schedule an appointment with our team members online for the work you require. We’re always here to lend a helping hand when you need it.

Watch Out For…

These are some of the top signs that your furnace needs repairs. We can help you get quality work to fix whatever the issue is.

1. Discolored Pilot Flame

One of the easiest ways to tell that your furnace is on the outs is by taking a peek in at the pilot flame. Your furnace should always emit a bright, blue steady flame. If you’re not seeing this, then you’re not getting quality heating. Furnace flames of any other color (orange, yellow, red, etc.) are bad news.

2. Dry Air

The air in your home shouldn’t feel dry. If it does, then you’re struggling with your home’s indoor air quality. This is always bad news. A furnace that’s declining in quality has the tendency to suck all the moisture from the indoor air. Take this as an early warning sign and act accordingly.

3. A Worn Unit (Soot, Cracking, Etc.)

Take a look at the furnace itself. If you notice soot on the unit, rust, or even cracking, then you’re having trouble with your home’s heater. This is true even if you haven’t noticed the effects of it yet—they’re sure to come.

4. Odd Sounds

Your furnace should never make too much noise. If it does, then you need a professional to decipher the sound. Our experts speak fluent furnace! They’ll help you figure it out.

5. Foul Odors

Foul odors coming from a furnace are unpleasant and they can also be dangerous. If you notice a foul smell, contact a professional right away. Our experts can determine the source of the scent and fix it for you.

6. High Utility Bills

Have you noticed that your home’s utility bills have increased although you’re not running your furnace any differently? Are you wondering what has changed? The answer is the furnace’s efficiency. You’re paying your furnace more to run poorly.

7. Bonus: Old Furnace Age

This is a bonus issue. Having a furnace that’s 15 years old or reaching this age is a problem. It’s going to exacerbate all the problems above. In fact, we’d just suggest replacing your home’s furnace if it is in this age range. The problems you’re experiencing will only intensify if you don’t.

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