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AC Maintenance: Your Front Line of Defense Against Summer Heat

You’re a resident of Lake Jackson, TX, so you know what summer is like here—nothing short of sizzling. If you were going to spend a day outside here in Lake Jackson, you’d probably prepare yourself with some light, breathable clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, and maybe a hat too. You’d prepare yourself, so why wouldn’t you prepare your home too?

Don’t you wish there would be something that you could do to prime your home for the spring and summer season? Well, you can! Come to our professionals for air conditioning maintenance in Lake Jackson, TX. Schedule an appointment today and keep reading below to learn more about maintenance.

Here’s Why You Need Maintenance

We understand that as a homeowner, you might think of maintenance as an unnecessary service, but we’re here to tell you why maintenance is absolutely essential.

It Helps You Avoid a Breakdown

So it’s a hot spring or summer day here in Lake Jackson, TX and your house feels almost unbearable—what’s there to do? Well, of course, you stroll over to your thermostat, set it so something cool, and wait for the system to turn on. You might even walk away in the meantime … but then you notice that your air conditioning system has never turned on. What happened?

Well, we can come out to your home to get to the bottom of this, but maintenance is a key preventive step to avoiding inconvenient issues like this. Maintenance is a service that’s key focus is to spot potential problems and weed them out before they can become a detriment to the home.

Skipping Out on Maintenance Costs You More

We know what you’re thinking: “Really? How can a service that I’m going to pay for going to help me save money?” Well, it’s an investment in your home.

Skipping out on maintenance service puts your home’s air conditioning system at risk. Think of it like this—would you want to take a cross-country road trip in an old car that hasn’t been run or cared for in over a year? No, right? The same type of logic applies to your air conditioning system. Give your home the right care so that you can have a cool home this summer.

Your Home’s AC System Will Have a Longer Lifespan

We’re sure that you think of your home’s air conditioning system as an investment, but do you do the work to really treat your system like one? If the answer is no or even a shaky yes, make sure that you’re considering maintenance for your air conditioner this spring. Maintenance takes care of the AC system and allows it to last all the way up to that 10 to 15-year potential lifespan.

Our Maintenance Plan

You can enroll in our maintenance plan and get continued service to take care of your air conditioning system. Here are the benefits of our maintenance plan:

  • Priority service (you hop to the front of the line ahead of non-priority members)
  • A 15% discount on repair work
  • An extended lifespan for your air conditioning and heating system
  • It keeps your equipment in great shape

You can call us today to learn how to enroll.

Contact Switzerland Air today to schedule an appointment for your air conditioning maintenance services. Get in touch today.

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