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This AC Noise Is a Cause for Concern

Your air conditioner isn’t exactly quiet. In fact, you might associate the soft, mechanical whirring sound you hear from your air conditioner with relief. It may even make you nostalgic and think of past summers. All this is to say … we understand that your air conditioner is never silent, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to make loud, alarming noises either.

A good rule of thumb to have with your air conditioner is this: any new trick or habit your air conditioner forms is probably a bad one. If you’ve noticed that the air conditioner has started making some new noises this summer, then it’s probably time for you to contact us for air conditioning repair in Angleton, TX. We’re adept professionals. We can handle everything you need.

Listen for These Sounds

Here are a few noises you never want to hear from your AC. If you notice these sounds, note when and how they happen and then pick up the phone to call our technicians.

1. Banging

There’s a loud banging sound whenever you turn on your air conditioner. Maybe at the beginning of the summer this noise alarmed you, but your air conditioner seemed to play through the pain, so it was fine. Now though, the loud banging sound is coupled with odd air conditioning operation and ineffective cooling.

What this banging may indicate is a problem with your air conditioning system’s compressor. We can help you solve this issue.

2. Squeaking

You want your home to be as cool as possible, but what you don’t want is to listen to that annoying squeaking sound coming from your air conditioner every day. It’s enough to make you want to put your head through a wall.

We’ve been there. While we know this is annoying, it’s something you need to address. If you have this issue, it could be an old or unaligned part. We can come find the source of the problem for you and fix it fast.

3. Silence

Remember how we said that we know your air conditioner isn’t ever silent in the opening paragraph? Well, we meant that. The only time your air conditioner should ever be silent is when it’s off. If, however, you want your air conditioner to be on and running but no amount of tampering with the thermostat will trigger that soft click and whoosh of cool air moving through the vents, it’s a problem.

Your air conditioner should be responsive. If it isn’t, then you need the help of our team.

Rely on Our Professionals

We know that you need your air conditioner more than ever during this part of the summer. But don’t wait out your air conditioning repair work! We know how to complete your air conditioning repair work quickly without sacrificing quality. You can count on our team even in the dead of summer. We’re always here to perform any necessary AC service.

Contact Switzerland Air today to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair work. Serving Southern Brazoria County.

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