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Air Purifiers: Your Heater’s Partner in Crime

virus-cells-on-dark-backgroundHow has winter been for your home? Are you warm enough? Are your energy bills within a reasonable range? Are you getting everything you need from your heater? If you can’t answer all of these questions with a confident “yes,” then you’re going to need to take things back to the drawing board. We suggest adding this missing puzzle piece to your equation: indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality is often the missing link in most homes in the area. If you’re trying to improve your overall comfort, we’d suggest an air purifier in Clute, TX. Air purifiers can do quite a lot for your home. We’re going to run through the benefits and why you might need one today.

What Are Air Purifiers?

First, let’s talk about what air purifiers are. We could also classify this section as “what air purifiers do for your home.”

Air purifiers are systems that clean and sanitize your home’s indoor air. This is the key difference between an air purifier and an air filter. The other difference is how they operate. Air filters use a web of mesh filters to clean your home’s air. UV air purifiers use ultraviolet light to “zap” away all the contaminants in your home.

You’ll hear many people talk about how low-impact UV air purifiers are for a home because they sit away in your home’s ductwork. You never have to worry about the way that the ultraviolet light affects your home because it’s tucked away in your ductwork away from anyone else in the living spaces.

The Benefits of an Air Purifier

These are a couple of benefits to air purifiers:

Better Heat

We alluded to this benefit in the title. An air purifier can actually help your home’s heating. This is because making sure that your indoor air quality is in pristine condition means that you’re not forcing your heater to heat through dirt, germs, and other IAQ problems. This means that you’ll get easier heating and more effective heating too. It even helps your air conditioning because air purifiers are installed directly into your ductwork.

Easier Breathing

Air purifiers help you breathe easier. If you have a respiratory condition, seasonal allergies, or you’re just prone to colds, then an air purifier will make things a lot easier. Air purifiers are definitely something you should consider if you’ve got little ones, elderly family members, or members that are immunocompromised at home. Great indoor air quality is the foundation of a healthy home.

A Home That Smells Great

Have you ever been shocked by the scents that linger around in your house? If your home just smells a little “off” although it’s clean, then the culprit could actually be your indoor air quality. The same logic applies if scents are just lingering in your home for an unreasonable amount of time. If you cook fish in your kitchen and your entire home smells fishy for long afterward, you need to consider an IAQ system.

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