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Air Purifiers That Can Help You This Winter

With every breath you take, you are inhaling millions of microscopic airborne contaminants. Some of these contaminants include dust, pollen, dander, viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. Breathing in large amounts of these contaminants over a long period of time can lead to all kinds of health problems, from flu and cold infections to asthma. In order to fight against these contaminants, you should install an air purifier in your home. Read on for an outline of some of the more common air purifier types that can help you.

Air Filters

Air filters are little more than fiber meshes, stretched across frames and installed in the ducts of the home. Air flows through the filter just fine, but any contaminants it carries become snared in the fibers. This is the most popular method for removing airborne contaminants, though you should consult with a professional about what the best one would be for you.

Ionization purifier

An ionization purifier generates a cloud of electrically charged particles during operation. As contaminants come into contact with the charged particles, they gain a magnetic charge of their own. They then stick to metal plates in the device, which can be removed and cleaned to get rid of the contaminants.

UV Air Purifier

A UV air purifier is essentially a large lightbulb that gives off large amounts of ultraviolet light. Though this may not seem very helpful, it’s quite good for sterilizing your air. Most types of germs and mold spores cannot withstand UV light, which will destroy them upon exposure. This is how the UV air purifier improves your quality of life: by protecting you from infection.

Call Switzerland Air for a full range of indoor air purifier services throughout Brazoria, TX. We’ll make sure that your indoor air quality is up to snuff. 

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