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Are Heat Pumps Safer than Furnaces?

If you’re interested in getting either a furnace or a heat pump in Brazoria, TX to keep you warm this winter, you might wonder if there’s a safety issue that will tilt the choice in the direction of the heat pump. The reason you may think this is because furnaces conjure up in people’s minds the image of open flames and potential gas-leak dangers. We’ll try to get to the root of the “heat pump vs. furnace” quandary in this post.

We need to state up front that any heating system can pose hazards if you 1) allow it go without proper maintenance for too long, or 2) attempt to do major repairs and inspections on it without proper training or equipment. Regardless of the safety advantages of one system or the other, you can reduce the danger with proper care and reliance on professionals. A company like Switzerland Air can provide you long-term maintenance and short-term emergency repair services that will suit your needs.

Heat pumps do present fewer safety issues

Heat pumps do not burn fuel the way that gas or propane furnaces do. Since heat pumps move heat from one place to another, they have no need to burn fuel to produce heat. Instead, they rely on electricity to move heat—and not a large amount of electricity, either. This means they also have fewer safety concerns than electric furnaces, which use high-voltage currents.

So in general, a heat pump offers little danger from electricity and no danger at all from natural gas or propane byproducts.

Furnaces shouldn’t be discounted for this reason alone

However, we need to stress that modern furnaces are built to operate within narrow safety regulations: they rarely present any serious hazards as long as they receive the proper care. And they may offer the superior option for heating for your home. Heat pumps work well as air conditioners no matter what the outdoor conditions are, but they can suffer trouble with heating when the temperature starts to drop to extreme lows. Although freezing winters are rare here, you should consult with an expert on home heating to learn if a furnace will take care of your needs better than a heat pump.

Regular maintenance is the key

Whatever system you decide to go with in the end, make certain that it receives the upkeep and care that will keep it both safe and efficient. Heat pumps do have a safety advantage over the furnace, but with regular maintenance, a furnace will close the distance between them.

If you need installation, maintenance, or repair for a furnace or heat pump in Brazoria, TX, contact Switzerland Air today.

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