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Benefits of a Commercial Chiller System

A commercial chiller system is a form of air conditioning, mounted on the roof of an office building or similar structure. They come in two types: air cooled and water cooled. Air-cooled systems blow warm air from your building across a set of coils circulating refrigerant. Water-cooled systems send the heat from the air into water, which facilitates a heat exchange with a series of copper tubes containing refrigerant. It works more effectively than air-cooled chillers for larger offices, which naturally have higher demands on an air conditioning system. Here in Sweeny, TX, commercial chillers make a lot of sense, especially considering our hot muggy summers.

Did you know that Switzerland Air specializes in repairing and installing commercial chiller systems in Sweeny, TX?

But what, specifically, are the benefits of a commercial chiller system? The answers can be found below.

  • Energy efficiency. Commercial chillers have the benefit of using less energy than other types of air conditioning systems. This allows you to save money on monthly cooling costs quite readily, a major concern when you’re dealing with a business. Not only do you need to keep your employees comfortable, but you want your customers to enjoy your space and want to come back to it. A commercial chiller will help you do that without breaking the bank.
  • Environmental impact. Commercial chillers are environmentally friendly, using less energy to do their work while still providing reliable air conditioning. Newer models improve their environmental efficiency a great deal, and smaller models tend to use less energy than larger ones to boot.
  • Flexibility. Regardless of the size of your business, there’s a commercial chiller that can meet your needs. Their flexibility means that you can adjust and alter the number of units you have fairly easily, tailoring the payload to reflect your specific needs.

The benefits of a commercial chiller system also depend on your business’s needs, which is why you could use an expert like Switzerland Air to help you. We operate in Sweeny, TX, we offer expert commercial HVAC services, and commercial chiller systems are part of our field of expertise.

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