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Boiler Noises to Listen For This Winter

Boilers are a great heating system that many homeowners value for their longevity, efficiency and also their comfort. But like any other heating system, your boiler will eventually start to develop a number of common problems. If you need repair for your boiler in Freeport, TX just call us here at Switzerland Air. We can fix any kind of issues and we wanted to let our customers know about some of the sounds that they need to listen to which might mean that their boiler is having problems.

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Common Boiler Repair in Freeport, TX

All the use that your boiler gets throughout the winter can cause it to break down. One of the most common ways that homeowners discover boiler problems is because of strange noises. Here are some of the more common ones that we get called to inspect and repair.

  • Grinding and rattling – Your boiler uses a pump to circulate the warm water through your house. This water pump can break down after a lot of use and make a rattling noise or grinding noise. It likely is the pump’s motor that has malfunctioned and is making a noise.
  • Rumbling – Rumbling is another common noise that your boiler can produce. This is often caused by sediment or minerals building up on the bottom of the boiler tank which causes something called kettling. However, if you have a gas-fired boiler that rumbles when it shuts down, it could be caused by uncombusted fuel burning in the combustion chamber.
  • Hammering –Another common problem that is often associated with a broken boiler is the infamous water hammer. This sounds like loud banging coming from your boiler when water starts or stops flowing through the system. This issue can be very annoying and it can also damage your boiler as well.

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