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Call for Repairs As Soon As You See Your Heat Pump Doing This

You should never, ever ignore a problem with your heat pump once you notice it. Heat pump problems get progressively worse the longer they are allowed to continue, which means that you are only going to do more damage to your system if you leave the issue alone. One of the most dangerous problems you can run into is a refrigerant leak, which is why you should call for repairs as soon as possible if you happen to notice one. Read on to find out why refrigerant leaks are such a problem.


Heat pumps use refrigerant to move heat back and forth between your home and the outside. Without it, the system would be unable to either heat or cool your home. In cooling mode, the inside unit evaporates refrigerant to absorb heat from the air in the ducts. The refrigerant gas is then sent to the outside unit, where it is condensed back into liquid to release the collected heat. In heating mode, the same thing occurs, but in reverse. The system does not consume refrigerant while this is going on, but simply recycles it back and forth.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks can occasionally happen, as the system wears down and the line corrodes. When a leak does form, it will drain the system of the refrigerant it needs to keep operating. If the leak is not taken care of, the system’s output will eventually drop until it breaks down entirely. This is why you need to call for repairs if you ever see liquid dripping from your system. If you don’t, it could cause the entire heat pump to fail.

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