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Common Winter Furnace Problems and How to Avoid Them

Technician servicing the gas boiler for hot water and heatingThe last thing you want during this winter in Lake Jackson is a faulty furnace system. Furnace breakdowns are incredibly inconvenient especially now that we’re getting to the coldest part of the year. Furnace problems may seem inevitable—your heater incurs wear and tear over time, right? While time is a strain against your furnace, you don’t have to helplessly watch your system wither away. There are many things you can do to avoid furnace problems this winter. If you need furnace repair in Lake Jackson, TX then contact our team. If you’d like to know what furnace problems are common here in Texas and how you can avoid a repair charge, then keep reading below.

Odd Smells

Do you come home from a chilly day here in Lake Jackson, switch on your heater, and notice a peculiar smell in the air? Maybe it’s the funky smell of rotten eggs, a singed burning smell, or a chemical scent. All these smells are indications that you have a big problem with your furnace. A sulfuric smell in the air indicates a problem with your gas supply. A smoky smell might indicate a clogged air filter causing the system to overheat. A chemical smell might indicate a damaged heat exchanger.

All these problems indicate pressing issues with your system that might become potentially dangerous. If you smell something odd, turn off your heater, open windows (yes, even if it’s cold—you need to ventilate), and then call a professional from our team. A leak of carbon monoxide gas is an extreme detriment to your health.

An Old Thermostat

Does your thermostat seem a little off? Do you struggle with inaccurate thermostat readings and discomfort in your home? Your thermostat could be the problem.

If you have an older thermostat that takes batteries, make sure the batteries in this system are up to date. If your thermostat still seems off, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat. We’re in the age of smart cars, smart watches, and smartphones—your thermostat should be smart too! Smart thermostats offer convenient wireless capabilities, so you can change the temperature of your home from anywhere. Smart thermostats also track your heating and cooling habits and offer opportunities to save energy. Upgrading to a smart thermostat will help you avoid future trouble with odd heater behavior.

Strange Sounds

When you turn on your thermostat, the only sound you should hear is the soft whooshing of warm air moving through the vents. If you hear anything other than this, you’ve got a problem on your hands. Sounds like booming, rattling, scraping, squealing, or grating are common sounds from a troubled furnace system.

If you hear odd noises, you need to contact a professional as soon as possible. They’ll determine what is causing these sounds and how to rectify them. The conditions could be dangerous depending on the sound. Our professionals are experts when it comes to these problems.

Need great furnace repair here in Lake Jackson? Contact Switzerland Air—we’ll keep you warm through the winter.

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