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Is Your Current AC Your Best Match?

air-conditioner-condenser-3D-renderWe’ve gotten to that point in the summer where you might be reassessing your relationship with your air conditioner. If your air conditioner isn’t able to perform for you, then you might want to start considering replacing your unit.

Most homeowners choose to upgrade to a newer model of their current unit. While this might be a good choice for you, it’s important for you to explore all your options before you marry yourself to a new system. Sometimes, your current air conditioner isn’t your best match, and we want to help you determine this. We’re experts in air conditioning service in Angleton, TX. Let’s assess your current air conditioner.

Is Your Air Conditioner Right for You?

These are the signs that your current air conditioner might not be the best match for your needs:

  • You experience short cycling.
  • Your electricity bills are much higher than they should be.
  • The temperatures across your home are inconsistent; i.e. your bedroom is always scorching hot and stuffy while the living room cools off within minutes of turning on the air conditioner.
  • You’re dealing with humidity issues in your home.
  • You’re having constant air conditioning repair needs.
  • You’re noticing physical signs of trouble with your air conditioner—rust or a worn appearance on the outdoor unit.
  • You’re never cool enough.

If you’re experiencing any of the signs above, then your air conditioner probably isn’t right for you.

Your Other Air Conditioning Options

We can work with any air conditioning system that you choose to purchase, but we specialize in work on the following systems.

Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners are the ones that you’re probably used to having at home. Central air conditioners are the ones you want if you have great centralized ductwork in your home and minimal airflow issues. If you’re looking for a great central air conditioner, then we’re the ones who can help you find the perfect system for your house. Everyone’s needs are different. Make sure that you’re fine-tuning yours.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the direction that you want to go in if you’re looking for something that’s a bit easier on the earth. Heat pumps are better for the environment because they don’t generate conditioned air through traditional means. Instead, they move warm air where you want it.

On a hot summer day, you’re going to want your hot air placed outdoors. Your heat pump moves all that air outdoors so that you can get cool quickly for a reasonable price while reducing your carbon footprint as well.

Bonus: Smart and Wi-Fi Thermostats

We also want to include our thermostat services here. No, your thermostat isn’t the air conditioner itself, but it does quite a bit of heavy lifting when it comes to the efficacy of your cooling. If you just have a digital thermostat that’s not a smart or Wi-Fi model, then it’s worthwhile for you to upgrade. We’ll help you find the perfect unit for your needs.

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