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How Damaged Ductwork Hurts Your AC

ductworkDuctwork is your air conditioning system’s lifeline. Having great ductwork goes hand in hand with having great air conditioning. If you have terrible ductwork in your home, you’re going to struggle with the quality of your air conditioner all summer long. It won’t stop there either! Your ductwork is in charge of circulating all the air throughout your home, both hot and cold, if you continue to live in a home with poor ductwork it’s time to contact our technicians.

If you’re worried about the quality of your ductwork, you can contact our team for all your ductwork services in Lake Jackson, TX. Not every HVAC contractor here can service this aspect of your home. We’re experts and we understand how to keep your home’s HVAC system in shape.

What Damaged Ductwork Can Do to Your AC

There are a few key ways that poor ductwork can damage your air conditioning system. If you notice any of the following signs, it means that you could have damaged ductwork in your home.

  • Your Cooling Power Drops Off: You might think that this would be a super obvious sign of an air conditioner problem, but this type of thing is easily conflated as another issue during this time of year. The heat of high summer in Texas is a lot to deal with, but your air conditioner should be able to handle it. Don’t try to write off a legitimate AC issue. When you experience a big drop in cooling power, it’s likely due to broken, gapping, or clogged ductwork.
  • Your Home is Filled with Dust: If your home’s ductwork is broken or gapping, it’s not just letting your conditioned air out, it’s also allowing contaminants to seep in. Dust is one of the first things to infiltrate into your home because your home’s ductwork is open to closed-in, dusty parts of the house like the attic, walls, and crawlspaces. Once things like dirt and dust are in your ductwork your air conditioning system will circulate them through your network of ducts and pour these contaminants into your living spaces. If you notice that you’re coughing, wheezing, or sneezing more often than normal it might be an indication that you’re having real issues with your ductwork.
  • Lowered Efficiency: Do you feel like you have to run your air conditioner longer and at lower temperatures lately? This is a pretty common problem in the summer months. If you’ve had compromised ductwork for a while it starts to put extra stress on your air conditioning system. Additionally, broken or gapping ductwork allows the warm, humid air of summer into your air conditioning network and makes it much harder for your air conditioner to work. The extra stress causes wear and tear on your AC system and lowers the efficiency of your unit as a result.

All the signs above are big indicators of damaged ducts. You can contact our team for an assessment and your duct repair and replacement services.

Damaged ductwork stunts the performance of your AC system. Contact Switzerland Air today to schedule an appointment for repair services.

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