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“Did You Hear That?” What’s That Odd Heating Sound?

woman-listeningWhat do you think of when you think of your heater? We’re sure that the first thing that you think of is warmth. But there are some other things like quality, cost, and duration of the comfort too. We’re pretty sure that one thing that you never associate with your heater is loud noises. Loud noises aren’t something you should dismiss. They’re a problem and we can address them.

If you need quality work, then look no further than our HVAC company in Freeport, TX. We’re here to make sure that you have high-quality service throughout the year. Just make sure that you get in touch with us sooner than later. You don’t want to let your home heating needs spiral out of control while you debate if you’d like to call a professional. We’re here to help.

What That Heating Noise Means

Watch out for these heating noises this winter:


When you whistle, how is it happening? It’s because you’re exhaling through a small opening and letting air through. This is the same thing that’s happening when it happens to your home’s ducts.

You have some type of gapping, leaking, or other issue from your home’s ductwork. Whistling is an issue, and it means that you need heating work. We can help you with the quality of your ducts. This is important because it affects the overall quality of your home.


Banging is a sound that you might hear when some part of your home’s heating system has gone rogue. You don’t want to ignore this sound. If it’s something that’s gone wrong with your compressor, then it’s a sign that your home’s heater might break down soon. If it’s a loose part, then you’re risking other parts of your system getting damaged too.


Are you hearing the sound of rumbling coming from your heater whenever it’s on and running? Sometimes, the sound of rumbling might start off as a woosh or roaring sound and mount to this issue. Rumbling is the sound of the combustion process going awry. This can cause major issues both health and comfort related. Make sure you don’t ignore this.


Squeaking can sometimes be more than a rusty part that needs more oil. Parts of your home’s heater might be outdated. Don’t ignore the sound of squeaking. We’re going to pinpoint the exact part that has an issue, and we’ll fix it for you too.


You might notice humming if you’re close to your heater. This humming or whirring sound is a problem. It’s subtle, but it’s a real issue. Commonly, a humming or whirring sound is followed by clicking.

What you’re hearing when you hear the humming sound is your heater’s motor malfunctioning. You don’t want to hear a loud humming sound even if it feels like it’s not going to be a problem for your home. Our Texas winters aren’t the coldest, but you need to address issues before they spiral out of control and cause a breakdown.

Contact Switzerland Air today for your heating service needs. We’re here to help.

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