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Do I Need to Install a Dehumidifier in My Home?

As you are likely well aware, when it gets hot in Texas, the humidity typically rises as well. Not only does this make for an uncomfortable environment, it can actually be unhealthy. Humidity—or rather lack thereof—is an important part of good indoor air quality. Excess moisture can cause a number of problems, including exposure to mold and other allergens.

Using a dehumidifier in your home will remove the moisture from your indoor air, decreasing the ability for these particles to multiply. Are you unsure if you actually need to install a dehumidifier in your home? We’ve highlighted a few signs below that indicate you should.

The Presence of Mold Spots

Take a look at the ceiling in your bathroom as well as the area around your toilet and shower. Do you see little dark spots? The steam from your shower needs to be well ventilated. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window and/or exhaust fan, the chance that mold will develop is even higher. A dehumidifier will lessen the amount of moisture that hangs around the room.

Noticeable Condensation

Have you noticed beads of water on your windows? You might also notice vapor or fog on the glass. This typically occurs when a room has too much moisture. This excess moisture can develop into a bigger problem, such as mold. A dehumidifier will restore the humidity in your home to its appropriate levels so that this condensation will not occur.

Musty Odors

Mildew and mold thrive on moisture, which typically starts to collect in areas such as basements and garages, as well as laundry rooms. If you notice your home smells musty, be sure to check these areas and any other areas that don’t have windows or some form of ventilation. Your first priority should be removing the mold. Installing a dehumidifier can prevent the problem from occurring again.

The above-mentioned signs are just a few indications that the humidity in your home may be too high. Other signs include rotting wood in and around your home, water damage and stains, and an increase in your seasonal allergies. A dehumidifier can help in maintaining clean, comfortable air in your home.

If you’re interested in improving the comfort and air quality in your home, call the friendly technicians at Switzerland Air Conditioning. We provide fast and reliable dehumidifier installation in Lake Jackson, TX.

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