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Do You Need a New AC System?

It really doesn’t matter where you live here in Lake Jackson. Hot summer weather is what brings us all together. We know that although our weather conditions out here are quite hot, you can normally still count on your air conditioner to cool your home. But what if things this summer have been different?

Maybe you’ve noticed that your air conditioner just isn’t treating your home in the manner that you’re used to. You called for repair work, but nothing has really changed. Unfortunately, this might mean that it’s time for you to upgrade to a new air conditioning system. Luckily, we specialize in air conditioning in Lake Jackson, TX and we can perform everything you need. Call today.

Is It Time to Upgrade?

Here are a few signs that it’s time to upgrade your home’s air conditioning system.

1. Your Air Conditioner Is Old

How old is your home’s air conditioner? If the answer is over the age of 10, then it’s time for you to start thinking of upgrading your air conditioner no matter what the status of the unit is. Your air conditioner cannot last forever. One of these units has the intended lifespan of about 10–15 years.

Let’s say that your air conditioner seems to be chugging along just fine and you think that you can push it to last just a few more years. What you’ll quickly find is that your air conditioner will decrease in efficiency. You’ll find yourself paying a lot more and experiencing problems too.

2. Your Repair Work Costs Way Too Much

Do you have to repair your air conditioner often? This is a sign that you need to replace your air conditioner. In addition to this, high air conditioning repair costs are a major problem too. If your air conditioning repair work is becoming so expensive that it’s just not worthwhile, then it’s a wise decision to invest in a new air conditioning system. Here’s a simple equation to keep in mind next time you’re quoted a repair price:

(The cost of repair) x (The age of your air conditioning unit) < (The cost of your new AC)

If the cost of your repair work using this equation is less than the cost of your new air conditioner, then you can go for repair. If it’s more than this, it’s a bad idea to go with the repair. You’ll probably need repair work again in the future and it’s a bad idea to pour money into a declining system.

3. Your AC Bills Are Always Rising

Have you noticed that your air conditioning bills climb higher and higher no matter what you do? This is a problem. The only time that you should have high air conditioning bills is if you’ve run your air conditioner more often than usual. Your air conditioner needs to do more than just cool—it needs to cool efficiently. If this isn’t happening, then you need the help of a professional.

Contact Switzerland Air today to schedule an appointment for your air conditioning work. Serving Southern Brazoria County.

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