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Get Your Ducts Sealed Before Winter Sets In

Winter is coming, and that means now is the time to make sure that your home is ready for the cold months. If you haven’t already gotten your heating system professionally checked, we recommend that you do so. That’s not the only thing you should get done before winter with regards to heating, though. Duct sealing can have a huge impact on how comfortable and energy-efficient your home is this winter. Read on to find out why duct sealing is necessary, and the benefits that it can provide.

Why Seal Your Ducts?

Ducts are very vulnerable to developing leaks, whether during installation or through years of normal use. Gaps can form between sections, as they work themselves loose. Holes can open up as a result of corrosion or external damage. Regardless of how they form, duct leaks tend to afflict ducts in large numbers over time. Though each individual duct leak may be small, they can have a massive cumulative effect. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy has estimated that the average forced-air system loses up to 30% of its output to duct leaks. That’s nearly a third of your system’s heat that isn’t benefiting you at all, though you’re still paying for it. This is why duct sealing is necessary: it saves you money and ensures that more heat reaches its destination in your home.

How Duct Sealing Works

Duct sealing is commonly done by painting mastic into the gaps. Mastic is a type of epoxy that, once dry, can seal the leak while still moving with the duct. This prevents it from cracking and reopening the leak. Special regulation duct tape is also used to supplement the mastic.

If you need to have your ducts sealed this fall, call Switzerland Air. We offer duct sealing services throughout Lake Jackson, TX. 

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