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Heating Problems and Your Ductwork

There are many reasons that you might encounter problems with properly and energy-efficiently heating your home. The thermostat might malfunction. The electronic ignition system could fail. Various mechanical components inside the heater may wear down to the point where they can no longer perform their job effectively. Or, and this is the topic of this blog post, the ductwork responsible for distributing the heated air might have leaks and breaks in it.

Whenever you experience trouble with your heating system, call the team at Switzerland Air and we will send a technician to investigate the cause. If the issue is with the ducts, you can trust to our skilled Angelton, TX ductwork specialists to take care of the problem so you can continue to enjoy comfortable temperatures in your home without energy waste.

How ductwork problems affect heating

The major impact that damaged and leaking ducts will have on a heating system is that they will permit the escape of heat and air, which will lower the temperature of the air and also reduce airflow. If you start to notice cold spots in your home when the heater is running, check on the flow of air coming from the vents. If it feels weak and cooler than it should be, there may be air leaks in your ducts that need repairs.

A drop in heat will also place more pressure on the heater itself, since it must start to work harder in order to reach its set temperature. The strain will begin to raise heating costs; even a small number of leaks can lead to a 33% increase in the costs to run the heating system. If this overwork on the heating system continues, it will cause the heater to age faster, wearing down and needing extra repairs. You can expect the heater to have a shorter lifespan if it has to deal with damaged ductwork. The breaks in the ducts can even lead to contamination entering the heater’s cabinet and harming the mechanical parts.

At the first signs the heater isn’t working correctly and that the issue may be with the ducts, you need to call ductwork professionals. Switzerland Air handles ductwork in Angelton, TX and throughout southern Brazoria County, and we are also experienced with heating system repairs. Make us your first call to look into any home heating problems you may experience. For your convenience, we offer 24-hour emergency service.

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