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How Do Air Purifiers Clean the Air?

Indoor air quality is a big concern in many households. By reducing dust and other particles in the air, an air filter helps your family breathe better – a big concern for people with asthma, allergies or babies at home – as well as reducing strain on your heating and air conditioning systems. Whole-house air purifiers make an excellent solution for anyone looking to improve their indoor air quality, and here in Brazoria TX, air purifier systems can be installed by a number of reputable companies. But how, exactly, do air purifiers clean the air? We’ve provided a quick summary below.

An air purifier is basically a “super filter system,” adding a series of air filters into your air conditioner. They’re usually made of solid-yet-permeable materials that capture dust, hair and similar contaminants while letting the air pass through. By using multiple filters, the system cleans the air far more thoroughly than the single filter normally included in your air conditioner.

In some cases, you can add a UV germicidal light to the system. The UV light lies beyond our ability to see, but as germs and bacteria pass through it, it “deactivates” their DNA. When they attempt to replicate, it kills them. That prevents the spread of communicable diseases in your home: something to seriously consider if your family includes small children, the elderly or anyone suffering from conditions such as asthma.

Generally speaking, you need an HVAC expert to install such devices because they need to work in conjunction with your heating and air conditioning system. Because the air in your house all passes through that system, it makes an ideal centralized point to ensure that it all passes through filtration.

Many filters are designed to be replaceable, which means you need to check your air purifier system regularly in order to keep it clean. A maintenance service can also change out the filters as part of their prescribed session. Give us a call today for more on how air purifiers clean the air, and whether such a system is right for you. Our specialists here at Switzerland Air can professionally install and maintain air purifier systems and we also offer other HVAC services in Brazoria, TX.

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