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How Does a Boiler System Operate?

The word “radiation” has mostly scary connotations to us today, but radiation is one of the basic ways that heat travels. It’s also the basis for the way that boilers operate. If you’ve ever experienced warmth from a radiator, then you know was radiant heat is: the warmth that reaches you from an object that has been heated up. It’s also how our own sun heats us.

It’s a simple principle for heating, and not much about it has changed since boilers became standard ways of heating a home. But boilers have remained popular even with the many advances in home comfort technology. Their own technology has advanced as well, but boilers also have the advantage of longevity and few repair needs. For many homes, they are the ideal way of winter heating.

In this post, we’ll provide a basic overview of how a boiler operates. When you need to install a boiler in Angleton, TX, or if you need repairs on the one you already have, contact Switzerland Air. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

Boiling down the basics on boilers

Boilers circulate hot water to objects inside a home where they raise the temperature to create radiant heat (as well as convection currents, if the object is a baseboard heater). This is called hydronic power.

The process starts in a water tank, where the boiler uses energy to raise the temperature of the water. Most boilers today use either electricity or natural gas (there are also some oil boilers). In a gas boiler, a pilot light or electric ignition turns on gas jets that transfer heat to the water in the tank. In electric boilers, the ignition turns on heating elements inside the tank itself. When the water reaches a high enough temperature—which, despite the name, is rarely boiling—it exits at the top of the boiler through a pump. To keep the pressure inside the tank from rising too high, an expansion tank installed above the main tank relieves the pressure level.

The hot water is pumped through pipes to the different radiators and baseboard heaters in the home. Once the water has cooled down, it returns to the water tank, entering near the bottom so that it will rise when it is heated again.

Boiler installation and repair

An important thing to notice about boiler operation is how few mechanical parts are involved. There are no fans or motors, compressors or belts used anywhere. This is the reason that boilers need fewer repairs than furnaces and heat pumps: there aren’t many components that will wear down over time.

But if a boiler does have a malfunction, like leaking, you can trust to professionals like those at Switzerland Air to fix the trouble for you fast. We can also advise you if you are thinking about having an installation of a boiler in Angleton, TX. Call us today.

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