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How Duct Mastic Works in Duct Repair

Duct mastic is a type of sealant, used to repair breaches in your ducts.  It’s a reliable tool that most HVAC repair services are familiar with, and can help resolve a potentially huge problem with your heating and air conditioning system. Breaches in your ducts will pull conditioned air out of the system or bring conditioned air in, which lowers the efficiency of your HVAC unit and increases both monthly bills and the frequency of repairs. A good repair technician can get it fixed, and here in Sweeny, TX duct repair service is usually just a phone call away. Duct mastic is one of the most potent ways of handling the issue. Here’s a quick breakdown on how duct mastic works in duct repair.

The material is essentially a paste, applied with a brush or a trowel and used to cover up the breach in question. It goes on very smoothly and a good technician will ensure a thick and even coat while he or she is applying it. Once it dries, it forms a solid seal that prevents air form escaping, restoring the integrity of your system. Duct mastic work well in part because it retains its flexibility, even after it dries. That means it won’t crack or splinter over time. Yet it’s still quite strong: waterproof, resistant to the effects of sunlight and able to handle the variations in temperature that your HVAC system will subject it to. Perhaps most importantly of all, it won’t degrade the material that forms your ducts, ensuring that the breach stays sealed over a long period of time.

Duct mastic works best in small cracks of seals. Like any past, it can’t handle a large breach of more than an eighth of an inch wide. But eve with larger breaches, it can still be used to seal the fitted pieces typically used to seal a larger breach. For more on how duct mastic works in duct repair, or to schedule a repair serve in your home, call upon the experts at Switzerland Air to help. Duct repair is included in our list of indoor air quality services, and we often use duct mastic as a part of our operations. We also offer a variety of professional AC services in Sweeny. Let us show you what we can do. Give us a call today!

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