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How Duct Repairs Can Lower Your Monthly Bills

Your duct system is attached to your centralized HVAC system, moving conditioned air throughout your house to raise or lower the temperatures. Because the ducts are located in out-of-the-way spots such as your attic or crawlspace, they tend to be safer from damage than other household components. But it also makes it harder to realize what’s happened when damage occurs. You can often spot the problem when your monthly energy bills go up despite the fact that you haven’t used your system any more often than normal. If you’re looking for air conditioning repair services in West Columbia, TX, you can find those that do duct repairs that can help you get to the bottom of the problem and get those bills under control.

Here’s how duct repairs can lower your monthly bills.

Your HVAC system depends on a sealed system of ducts to deliver its conditioned air effectively. Damaged ducts resolutely interfere with that process. If there’s a breach in the line – caused by an incomplete seal between duct pieces or simply damage to the ducts themselves – then your conditioned air will escape through the hole instead of going where it’s supposed to. Ever worse, unconditioned air – either too warm or too cool – could get pulled in, which mixes with the conditioned air and “dilutes” it (making it either warmer or cooler than it needs to be). In order to compensate, the HVAC system needs to work longer and harder, which translates into higher bills.

The same thing happens when the ducts become blocked, either because of damage suffered directly or from build up or blockages which get lodged in the system. Air flow is reduced or even eliminated in some cases, and again: the HVAC unit needs to work a lot harder in order to make your air as comfortable as it needs to be.

In West Columbia TX, duct repair services from Switzerland Air can help. We’ll show you how duct repairs can lower your monthly bills, then hunt down any problems in your ducts and get them fixed with professionalism and care. Give us a call today to set up an appointment for your next air duct repair. You’ll be glad you did!

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