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How Ductwork Breaches Increase Your Air Conditioning Costs

Your ductwork constitutes an entire system, branching out from a central furnace or air conditioner and travelling through the crawlspaces and other hidden parts of your home. Its purpose is to carry conditioned air from the HVAC system, warming or cooling your home as smoothly and evenly as possible. Ducts are normally free from problems because they’re tucked out of the way and are thus less likely to be damaged. When a breach occurs, however – if one of the fittings loosens and creates a crack, for instance, or unexpected damage pierces the surface – it can seriously affect your systems ability to condition the air. The good news is that here in Angleton Texas, ductwork can be repaired by a reliable air conditioning maintenance company. But you need to call them to get the issue addressed and before you do that, you should understand how ductwork breaches increase your air conditioning costs.

Effects of Breached Ductwork on AC Costs

A breach in the ductwork has one of two basic effects. It will either pull cool air out of the system or pull warm air in. In the first case, it reduces the overall flow of air, lowering the speed with which the system cools the home and forcing it to work harder to do its job. In the second case, it warms the conditioned air, which again forces the air conditioner to expend unnecessary energy to perform its duties. Either way, the result is the same. Your monthly energy costs go up, and the system experiences increased strain on the individual components. Over time, that increases the risk of a serious breakdown and a hefty repair bill to fix it. However, this can be avoided by scheduling regular maintenance for your home cooling/heating system.

Knowing how ductwork breaches increase your air conditioning costs is the first step. The second is contacting the experts at Switzerland Air to help. We have the skills and experience to repair any kind of duct breach, ranging from a loose connectors to a flat-out hole in the ducts. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction and won’t rest until the job is done.

In Angleton Texas, ductwork repair shouldn’t be left to a second-rate company. Call Switzerland Air and Heating today and get the problem fixed right!

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