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How Dust and Dirt Can Affect Your Air Conditioning System

In Texas, we give our air conditioners an intensive work out, both during the summer and the months around it. While our ACs are running, they draw in air that can contain dust, dirt, and other debris. Most of the time you won’t notice this, since the air filter in your AC takes care of trapping this kind of air pollution to keep it from impairing the important parts inside the unit’s cabinet. However, sometimes the filter gets too congested with dust, or breaks form in it, and the interior of your air conditioner can become dirty.

For help with a dirty air conditioning system, Switzerland Air Conditioning is one of the best companies to turn to, as we are a licensed contractor with over 12 years experience in HVAC.

What Problems Can A Dirty AC Lead to, And What Should You Do About It?

One of the biggest troubles that dust can cause in an air conditioner is reducing the level of heat exchange. If dust gets on either the indoor (evaporator) coil or the outdoor (condenser) coil, it will prevent the coils from absorbing or releasing heat. This will trigger a drop in the amount of cool air you get indoors and cause the AC to work even harder to compensate, which in turn will speed up wear and tear. A dirty evaporator coil can also begin to develop ice because it can no longer absorb enough heat to lower its temperature.

Excess dust can lead to a drop in your air quality as well. A dirty AC with a clogged air filter is more likely to blow unwanted particles into your home. If you have pets, or if people with allergies live with you, lowered air quality can become a serious problem.

Getting your AC unit clean isn’t a simple task you can do with a spray bottle of commercial cleaner and a few paper towels. Properly purging dirt from the system requires opening up the unit and removing the components. You should not attempt to do this yourself because you could easily cause more damage than you’ll fix. A trained HVAC specialist will know how to clean your AC safely and efficiently.

However, a simple step you should take to prevent dust build-up is to change your air filter regularly. With the frequent high temperatures in Texas, changing the filter once every month is a good idea.

Since trouble with a dust and dirt choked AC usually requires professional help, contact Switzerland Air Conditioning to handle the “dirty work.” After all, Brazoria, TX, air conditioning help from our experts are only a phone call away.

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