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How Faulty Fan Components Affect Your Air Conditioner

The fan and blower apparatus represent the final stop in your air conditioning cycle. Having cooled the air with refrigerant in the evaporator coils, the fan then blows it into your ducts to circulate it throughout your home. When the fan runs into trouble, it can cause as many problems as faulty cooling power. Most services that offer air conditioning repair in Lake Jackson TX can handle issues with your fan system, but it helps if you know how faulty fan components affect your air conditioner.

Many of the problems associated with the fan occur with the fan motor, which powers the blower and allows the conditioned air to move through your home. The motor suffers many of the same problems that any motor suffers from. Friction can increase strain within its internal components, it can suffer from an overload and electrical components such as frayed wires and faulty connectors can disrupt power to it. All of these will shut the power down, or at least reduce the power to the fan itself. In some cases, the motor will have a reset button, which you can push to turn it on again in the event of an overload. Otherwise, a technician can replace the faulty component and restore power to the system.

Other problems may arise from the fan blades themselves. If the fan becomes misaligned, it won’t blow in the proper direction. Bent blades will also interfere with the air flow and in some cases, twigs or other debris could fall through the vents and interfere with the fan’s turning mechanism. Problems with the fan belt can also lead to slower or nonexistent air flow. In cases like these, the fan blade usually needs to be replaced, though in the case of debris, the technician simply needs to remove the foreign object from the fan.

Regardless of the causes, cool air can’t get to your home efficiently if your air conditioner contains faulty fan components.  And the experts at Switzerland Air can help you with that. We handle all kinds of air conditioning services in Lake Jackson, TX, and we’re ready to get any problems with your fan fixed ASAP. Give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!

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