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How Professionals Perform Duct Sealing

Gaps and breaks along ductwork are one of the leading reasons for a home’s HVAC system to turn energy inefficient. Even a small air leak along a duct can result in a significant decline in airflow, which will place greater strain on an air conditioner or force-air heater. Leaky ducts will also contribute to musty and dust-filled air infiltrating the ventilation system, triggering unhealthy indoor air quality and a decline in comfort.

Should you suspect that the airtight integrity of your ductwork has been compromised, look to professionals to help you. You cannot seal your ducts as a “do-it-yourself” project; this job requires much more than willpower and duct tape. (In fact, duct tape is not helpful at all.) Switzerland Air can take care of the duct sealing in Angleton, TX that you need to restore your heating and cooling system to its most energy efficient. Give us a call today to arrange for duct repair services in the area.

The professional methods of duct sealing

The first stage in any duct sealing job is locating where the leaks are. This is one of the reasons that you need to have professionals perform the work, since they have the equipment that will pinpoint where small leaks are occurring that would otherwise escape notice.

We already mentioned that duct tape isn’t useful for duct sealing—at least, not the sort of cloth-backed duct tape that you can purchase in stores. Professionals never use this type of duct tape, since it will not hold up against the temperature changes inside a ventilation system and will soon fail. The “duct tape” that professionals use for ventilation system repairs are special metallic foil tapes that provide a sturdy, heat-resistant mechanical seal.

Another common material that professionals use for duct sealing is mastic. This is a resin-based adhesive that can tolerate temperature changes and won’t crumble away with age. Professionals use caulking guns to apply mastic sealant onto breaks in ducts to close them up.

You can count on the indoor air quality team at Switzerland Air to see that your ducts receive the best work possible when they are damaged. Our technicians are NATE-certified and use top-of-the-line equipment to provide quality duct sealing in Angleton, TX.

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