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How to Spot Boiler Leaks

Here in Clute TX, boiler technology remains a common staple for heating your home, ranking alongside forced-air furnaces as the most popular form of home heating. Boilers are reliable and efficient forms of technology, but they still develop problems from time to time. Leaks, in particular, are serious problems which every boiler own needs to deal with sooner or later. A good boiler repair service can help you hunt down the leaks and then fix them with all deliberate speed. Before you call them in, however, you need to detect the problem. Here’s a short list on how to spot boiler leaks.

The easiest and most reliable means of detecting a boiler leak is to notice a puddle of water somewhere along the system. Because boiler systems involve a large number of pipes, the leak could appear anywhere along its length. Look for problem areas near fittings and connectors, where a leak is likely to spring up.

Unfortunately, not all boiler leaks announce themselves so obviously. A small leak combined with the heat of the water could mean that it escapes in the form of steam, which won’t leave a puddle. In those cases, check the pressure gauge on your boiler. If water levels are lowered, the pressure will start to drop, meaning that water is escaping from somewhere.

Finally, a leak also means a loss of efficiency for your boiler, which you can feel with added costs to your monthly bill. If your utilities are going up despite the fact that you’re not using your boiler more often than normal, it may be a sign that it has sprung a leak.

Regardless of the cause of the leak, you need a trained professional to hunt it down and repair it properly. If left untreated, a leak will gradually get worse and could cause significant damage to your boiler system. In Clute TX, boiler repairs are the purveyance of Switzerland Air. We’re dedicated to doing the job swiftly and professionally, and we know how to spot boiler leaks before they can cause you and further problems. Whether you’re in need of boiler repair or other related heating repair service in Clute, TX, know that Switzerland Air services your local area. Pick up the phone and call us today to make an appointment!

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