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How to Tell That You Need Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Fall is here, and with it the cooler temperatures of the season, which offers you a great opportunity to do needed repair work on your commercial air conditioning in Lake Jackson, TX. It is not unusual to need repair at the end of a busy cooling season, and it is always best to attend to repairs as soon as possible. Sometimes it isn’t easy to spot developing problems, so our Switzerland Air technicians have put together a list of some common signs that it may be time to repair your commercial AC:

  • Low air flow – low air flow can be caused by obstructions in the ductwork or fan problems. No matter the cause, reduced air flow in your system can cause stress to your air conditioner, which is not good for the system.
  • Blowing warm air – warm air blowing from your commercial AC is usually indicative of a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant leaks tend to get worse with time, and need to be repaired by a professional certified to work with refrigerant.
  • Strange noises – are you hearing banging, clunking or any other sound coming from your AC that isn’t normal? You should never ignore a strange sound, and once you hear something, should always call a trained professional to inspect it.
  • Odors – strange odors coming from your system can be the result of a few things, including mold or mildew growth.
  • Poor performance – does your AC seem sluggish? Are your energy bills rising, yet you haven’t changed how you run your system? Poor performance can be an indication that something in the system isn’t working properly and as such, is causing your system to use more power than it should be.

Having a comfortable business space is important to your customers, your employees and you. If you are seeing the signs that your commercial air conditioning in Lake Jackson, TX may be in need of repair, call the people you can trust: Switzerland Air.

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