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How to Tell When You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioning

Having a high performance air conditioning system is a must in Texas. We are fortunate to live in such a wonderful, balmy climate, but the heat in Lake Jackson, TX can climb to sweaty highs at almost any point during the year. Your air conditioner needs to be ready to keep the heat outside your homes walls.

But what happens when your air conditioner gets too old to do the job you once expected of it? Machines don’t last forever, even with the best maintenance and repair work put into them. Eventually, your AC will start to give you warning signs that it needs to be replaced with a new, up-to-date system. When you notice any of the problems below, call our replacement experts at Switzerland Air Conditioning.

Tell-tale Signs of an Air Conditioner on Its Last Leg

A lack of air flow from your vents is a problem that usually means the AC is moving past the repair stage and into obsolescence. If the motors all sound like they are working normally, but the air isn’t coming out at the levels it used to no matter how high you turn the fan, then schedule a repair as soon as you can. A technician with the proper training will be able to give you a knowledgeable opinion on whether the system needs replacement or not.

A failing air conditioner will become increasingly inefficient, and that means higher energy bills. A sudden spike in your monthly bills could mean the AC needs a minor repair, but if this price increase remains the same month after month, then it may be more cost effective to replace the entire system.

Air conditioners often make strange noises when they need maintenance, but if this is continual, then the problem may lie with the age of your system. Pay particular attention to unpleasant grinding and grating noises occurring each time you turn on your AC. You wouldn’t want to hear that from your car when you turn the ignition—and you certainly don’t want to hear it from your air conditioning! Rely on professional advice to see if repairs can take care of the problem, or if it is indeed time for a new air conditioner.

A huge task like air conditioning replacement requires top-level experts. Call up the Lake Jackson HVAC professionals to survey your home and determine the best new system to fit your needs. Once you’ve selected the right AC replacement, these technicians will take care of the installation so you can get your cool air back before you have a chance to notice the old one is gone.

Our Lake Jackson HVAC professionals are specialists in air conditioning replacement. They are familiar with all different brands and types of air conditioners. When you are ready to swap out the old for the new, give Switzerland Air Conditioning a call.

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