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How to Tell You Should Schedule a New Boiler Installation

Boilers have built up a reputation over the last century for being extremely sturdy. A well maintained boiler can last well over a decade, depending on the circumstances. Despite their long-lasting natures, however, boilers eventually do have to be replaced. The following are some of the signs that you need to schedule a new boiler installation.

Increase in Repair Frequency

Like all heating systems, a boiler will occasionally have a need for part replacement or some other repair need. However, you should pay close attention to the frequency of your boiler’s repair needs. Once or twice a year is no big deal, and about average for many home heating systems. Once or twice every couple of months is a big problem. Usually, this is caused by cumulative wear and tear that is causing multiple parts to fail in sequence. This is a side effect of age and years of use, and the only thing that can really be done about it is to replace the boiler.

Increase in Heating Bill

Your heating bill is naturally going to fluctuate slightly from month to month. This is, of course, the result of your demand for heating being different each month. When your heating bill begins to rise consistently, however, it’s a sign of a problem with your boiler. This is usually an indication of your boiler struggling to work as efficiently as it used to, likely due to its individual parts beginning to degrade. When this happens, it’s a good sign that the boiler needs to be replaced.


Though boilers can last a very long time, when they reach a certain age they become more and more likely to fail. That time is usually around age 15. If your boiler is younger than that, and well taken care of, then you can probably make it last a few more years. If your boiler is older than 15, and experiencing some of the aforementioned problems, you should probably install a new one.

If you aren’t sure whether or not to replace your boiler, call Switzerland Air. We provide boiler repair and installation throughout Brazoria, TX.

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