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If Your Ductless Unit Has these Issues Call Us for Repairs


If you’ve opted for a ductless mini split over traditional air conditioning here in Clute, you know it’s a great way to combat our Texas heat. The only problem is when things start to go awry. You probably don’t know all the signs indicating an issue worthy of repair for a central air conditioner, so a ductless air conditioning system is usually a little extra unfamiliar. If you need guidance when it comes to determining what problems are worthy of a repair call you can reference this blog.

If you need great air conditioning repair in Clute, TX then make sure you contact our team. We have the best air conditioning repair services around, but we specialize in ductless work. We’ll make sure to get your system up and running like new before the weather warms up.

Issues That Need Repair

Make sure you call our team for repair services if you run into these problems.

A Broken Air Handler

Are you having trouble with a broken air handler in your home? We don’t want to diminish this problem but the upside to this issue is that a broken air handler is a singular problem. The rest of the air handlers throughout the home can continue to run without any issues. If you’re having trouble with an air conditioning unit in your home make sure you contact a professional from our team sooner than later. We can be out in a flash to help your home.

Water Pooling Behind the Air Handler

If you take a close look at the air handler in your room, you’ll note that your air handler has a series of connections routed through a hole behind it. Your condensate line is in charge of removing all the excess moisture from the cooling process so it never enters your home.

These lines aren’t infallible so they can leak. If a problem like this occurs, you’ll probably notice the leak in your home almost immediately. It’s important to call for repair services as soon as you notice this problem. If you let it go on indefinitely then, the wall will weaken, rip away, and the air handler itself can start to fall off. Water damage and damage to your home’s interior are easy problems to avoid when you enlist the help of a professional from our team.

The Unit Is Blowing Hot Air

Does your ductless mini split kick on but only blow lukewarm or hot air throughout your home? This might have been what you were looking for in winter, but we know that your goal in spring and summer is to cool off.

First, make sure the temperature is set within an appropriate range. If everything seems to be fine, then you’re having an internal issue. Contact our team of technicians as soon as possible so we can get your system up and running again.

If you’re ready to repair your ductless unit make sure you come to our team of professionals. You can contact our team at Switzerland Air today to schedule an appointment

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