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The Importance of Bi-Annual Heat Pump Maintenance

heat-pumpAs we wait for a consistent drop in the daily temperatures, to indicate heating season has begun, it is important to make sure that your heating system is ready to handle the added strain. For most homes, that means scheduling preventive maintenance for their heating systems. If you have a heat pump that you’re going to be using this winter, it’s especially important that you schedule maintenance for it. Even if you had maintenance conducted on the system already this year, you should have it done again if it’s been more than six months. Read on to find out why.

Maintenance Benefits

An alarming number of homeowners seem to think that they can save a bit of money by only calling for repairs when something is obviously wrong with their heat pumps. This is untrue. In fact, it will often make whatever problem is afflicting the heat pump more costly to repair when it is finally dealt with. Heat pump issues tend not to give off obvious signs when they first develop. If you are noticing a clear symptom that your heat pump is malfunctioning in some way, it is possible that the system has been doing that for some time. Calling for repairs only after you have noticed an indication that the heat pump is in trouble is only giving the problem more time to wreak havoc. Instead, you should try to catch problems before they progress far enough to cause serious damage. That means scheduling preventive maintenance for your system.

Regular preventive maintenance has substantial benefits for your heat pump. Being able to closely examine your system for problems, and resolve them quickly, makes it much easier for your technician to keep your heat pump in good condition. Heat pumps that receive consistent maintenance have been found to be up to 40% more energy efficient than systems that do not. They also have been shown to be up to 90% less likely to develop problems in the future. If you want to get the most out of your maintenance, though, you need to make sure that you actually schedule it consistently. Which brings us to our second point.

Scheduling Bi-Annual Maintenance

In the case of most climate control systems, having maintenance done once a year is sufficient to keep them in good condition. That is because heaters and air conditioners only have one season out of the year in which they are placed under an increased amount of strain. That is not the case for heat pumps, however. Since a heat pump is used for climate control all year-round, it accumulates wear and tear twice as quickly as other systems. In order to deal with this level of wear and tear, the heat pump needs to receive maintenance twice as often. The best time for heat pump maintenance is once during spring and once during fall. Better to schedule it late than never, though.

Switzerland Air provides a range of heat pump maintenance services in Lake Jackson, TX. If you need help getting your heat pump ready for the heating season, contact us today for an appointment.  

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