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It’s Time for Heater Maintenance

technician-repairing-heaterThat time is upon us once again: temperatures are dropping, autumn activities are filling our calendars, and winter is getting closer every day. It may be tempting to ignore it, waiting until it’s really here to acknowledge winter. But it’s definitely better to get ahead of it, so you’ll be ready when it gets here. To prepare for cold weather, it’s important to have heater maintenance done. There are several reasons for this, including ensuring your safety, avoiding inconvenience, and saving money.


A well-maintained heater operates safely. A neglected heater can develop loose connections or leaks, allowing fuel or carbon monoxide to escape into your home. This is a very serious health hazard, and can even cause deaths. A technician can easily make sure that all connections are tight and that your heater is venting properly. With annual heater maintenance in Angleton, TX, you can keep your home and your family safe throughout the winter.

Fewer Repairs

When a heater is maintained each year, most problems can be caught early or avoided entirely. This means you can avoid the inconvenience and expense of big, sudden heater failures. If you’ve ever been without heat in January and had a large and unexpected bill for repair to remedy the situation, you know just how lovely it would be to have that never happen again.

More Efficient Operation

Annual maintenance helps your heater to operate more efficiently. This means you’ll be keeping your home just as cozy with less fuel. Not only will your utility bill go down, your environmental impact will, too. It’s always nice to do some good in the world by spending less money instead of more.

Longer Heater Life

Heaters that have regular maintenance done don’t just have fewer repair needs. They actually last longer, keeping you warm for years more than they might have if they were simply ignored until major problems arose. Replacing your heating system is a huge cost and a lot of bother, and you don’t want to deal with that any sooner than necessary.

Warranty Eligibility

If your heater is relatively new or still under warranty, you may find that there’s a clause in the warranty agreement requiring annual maintenance. If you can keep your heater under warranty, it’s absolutely worth your time and effort to do so. You may end up saving a great deal of money if major repairs or replacements are needed.

Peace of Mind

It’s no fun to worry about whether you’re prepared for winter, whether your family will be able to keep warm, or whether an urgent repair could be required at any moment. It’s much more fun to enjoy the beautiful fall weather, watch football, and gather with friends and family for autumn holidays and celebrations. When your heater maintenance is done, you’ll be able to relax, knowing you’ve done what’s necessary to prepare for winter. Then you can enjoy fall to the fullest, without any of those worries.

To schedule heater maintenance with a member of our team, contact Switzerland Air today.

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