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How to Keep Your Air Conditioner in Good Shape This Summer

Summer is not far off. In fact, you’re probably already feeling the rising heat from day to day. If you’re not already relying on your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable, you will be soon. Summer is by far the most stressful time of the year for air conditioners, as daily demand on them rises significantly. If you don’t want to deal with a possibly major problem like an AC breakdown this summer, there are a couple of steps to take in order to keep your air conditioning system in good shape.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Most of the issues that come up with air conditioners are the result of wear and tear. As the system gets older and wears down under normal use, it will begin to slowly develop a variety of problems. It’s best to catch these problems in their early stages, when the potential for causing serious damage to the system is at its lowest. Unfortunately, those early stages are also when the problems don’t give off any recognizable symptoms. The only way to catch them early enough to keep the system from being damaged is to schedule professional preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance appointments involve a close examination of the entire system, which grants your technician the opportunity to find and fix issues before they develop too far. You should schedule this every spring to ensure that your air conditioner is in top condition before the stressful time of summer. If you are consistent about scheduling air conditioning maintenance each spring, you can save a lot of money on repairs and extend the effective lifespan of the AC system by a number of years.

Call for Prompt Repairs

Though preventive maintenance does lower the chances of a problem developing by a substantial degree, it does not prevent problems completely. There is always a possibility that a problem will occur between maintenance appointments. In cases like those, it’s important that you be able to identify the problem and call for repairs as soon as possible.

The key to being able to tell whether or not your system is in trouble is to familiarize yourself with common symptoms. Drops in output are always a big red flag, as are strange noises. Any kind of leaking fluid from the air conditioner should be investigated as soon as possible by a qualified professional. Higher than normal monthly bills (without an apparent explanation like increased usage) are also a warning sign that your system isn’t working correctly. A good rule of thumb, though, is just to have a professional examine your air conditioner any time you find it doing something suspicious. It could be nothing, or it could be a serious problem with the system. The only way to know for certain is to schedule professional services.

Switzerland Air offers a full range of air conditioner repair and maintenance services in Freeport, TX. If you need air conditioner services, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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