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Kettling Is Bad News: Here’s Why

woman-listeningHaving a home with a boiler may seem a little unconventional to some but it is a great system that keeps you warm and that is all that matters. At least, it is supposed to keep you warm. Lately, you’ve noticed that things seem a bit off with your boiler. It is taking longer to warm things up and your system has started to emit a concerning and, frankly, obnoxious noise. What’s the deal?

The noise you are likely hearing is known as kettling and it is a sign that you need to reach out for boiler repair in Lake Jackson, TX. Let us explain a bit more about kettling and some other warning signs that your boiler is crying out for help so you know when to contact us. We’ll get your heater back in working order in no time.

What Is Kettling?

Kettling refers to a distinct noise that boilers can make. This whistling sound is going to seem oddly similar to the noise that a tea kettle makes when the water inside of it starts to boil and the kettle is letting you know it’s tea time. But your boiler isn’t a tea kettle so this isn’t a sound you should hear from this system.

The kettling noise is created due to increased amounts of sediment that have settled in the boiler unit. This sediment makes it harder to heat the water for starters. However, it also creates pockets where water becomes trapped, heats up to the point of becoming steam, and then releases to create that whistling noise. Thankfully a kettling boiler isn’t one that is going to explode, no matter how much it may sound like it. However, if the boiler is making this noise, you can consider it a cry for help.

Other Warning Signs You Should Know

As you probably guessed, a concerning noise isn’t the only indicator that there is trouble with your boiler. There are other warning signs you need to know that will tell you it is time to reach out for repairs. These include:

  • Energy bills that are increasing
  • Cold spots around the home
  • Other strange noises like rumbling or crackling
  • Signs of a leak like watermarks or puddles
  • Delayed response times from your heater
  • A longer amount of time needed to warm up

We Can Help Your Boiler Get Back to Normal

Has your boiler started to act odd or begun to make concerning noises? If so, you should reach out to a professional team to get your system back into working order. The professionals at Switzerland Air are available for your boiler repair needs when you need us.

Every member of our team is dedicated to guaranteeing your satisfaction. That means when you contact us for your boiler system services, we will come prepared to provide a reliable solution. We even provide maintenance for boilers in the area to help keep your repair needs few and far between.

Contact Switzerland Air to schedule your heating system repairs ASAP.

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