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Key Signs That Your Furnace Needs Help

Nice blue cottage. With spruce, clouds, and snowDo you sigh every time you head over to your furnace to turn it on? Are you having trouble either getting warm or staying warm in your home? Have you noticed a spike in your home’s energy bills? These are all signs that you should invest in furnace repair in Clute, TX

We know that you might not want to invest in furnace repair when a professional recommends you do so, but we can assure you that it’s the best move. Addressing your furnace repair needs as soon as possible stops them from developing into bigger issues like breakdowns. We’re available when you need furnace help. 

Get Furnace Repair If…

Here are some key signs that you should invest in furnace repair for your home.

You Notice Odd Furnace Smells

If you notice that your furnace makes your home smell “off” every time you run it, we suggest addressing the issue as soon as possible. This is something that we consider to be an urgent furnace repair need because it can indicate carbon monoxide troubles. The last thing you want to do is risk carbon monoxide poisoning for you or your family members. Make sure that you get in touch with us ASAP about this.

Cycling On and Off

It doesn’t matter whether it’s short cycling or long cycles, any type of irregular cycling is a cause for concern. It’s typically one of the first signs that you have efficiency struggles with your home’s heating system. The earlier we catch it, the easier the repair. 

Odd Noises

You turn on your heater and there are odd noises. If the noise is new, loud, or makes you raise an eyebrow, then it can be considered an odd noise. It’s worthy of a check up from a professional. Certain odd noises can develop into bigger issues.

Uneven Heating

Have you noticed the heating throughout your home? There are probably going to be some differences in your heating throughout the rooms, but if there are stark differences, then you need professional care. Make sure you act on this problem as soon as you notice it. If you wait the issue will only get worse. 

Discolored Pilot Light

If you look in at your pilot light and it’s a color anything other than a steady, blue light, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with us. If you’ve noticed that you’re not receiving adequate heating, that you can’t get your home to stay warm, or that your furnace is having trouble starting up, then it’s time to check your pilot light. It might be orange, red, or yellow. This means it’s not getting enough power. 

High Energy Costs

Have you noticed that it’s starting to cost you a lot more each month to heat your house? Can you explain the spike in your bills? If you’re running your heater more often or choosing higher temperatures, then this is to be expected. If everything is business as usual and the bills still have jumped, then you have a budding heating problem on your hands.

Contact Switzerland Air today for your furnace repair needs. 

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