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Lingering AC Problems? Now Is the Time to Fix Them

tools-close-upWe’re in the middle of winter now in Texas, but think back to summer—pool parties, barbecues, clear blue skies and… AC trouble? If you had any problems with your air conditioning system this past year then it’s time to contact a technician from our team. We know that it might seem a little early to address problems with your air conditioning system, but you can really never be too early. Summer comes pretty early here in Texas. If you need AC repair in Clute, TX then make sure to contact our team. Our technicians are extensively trained and NATE-certified. We understand what it takes to keep your Brazoria County home cool.

These Problems Mean You Need Repair

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what problems constitute a need for air conditioning repair so we’ve listed a few of the top ones here. If you’re experiencing these problems then be sure to contact our team.

Noisy Operation: When you turn on your air conditioning system you should only hear the soft and inconspicuous rushing sound of your AC system. Any other sound is a problem. Common troubling air conditioning sounds include banging, grating, squealing, or rattling. Each of these noises denote a different problem within your heating system. Don’t try to ignore these warning signs, instead make sure that you contact a professional as soon as you hear one.

Short Cycling: Is short cycling a problem in your home? Short cycling is an industry term, so first, let’s define exactly what this occurrence is. Short cycling is a name for when your air conditioning system switches on and runs for a very short amount of time, switches off, and then starts up beginning the whole process again shortly after. Short cycling is really hard on your air conditioning unit itself and it’s hard on your wallet as well because this process is extremely inefficient.

High Bills: Notice that your cooling bill seemed a little high this past summer? Of course, you can expect an increase with the influx of high temperatures during summer, but it should never be too drastic. If it is, the culprit probably isn’t the high heat, it’s more than likely the efficiency of your cooling system. Don’t try to explain away this sign, contact an air conditioning professional and get your cooling system running properly again before the summer starts.

Inefficient Cooling: If you’re struggling to cool your home off in the summer then you might be suffering from inefficient cooling power. This can manifest in a few ways: you might have trouble cooling your home off, keeping it cool, or you might even notice you have low airflow in your home. If any of these things sound like an accurate description of your problem, then you should contact our team today.

Leaking: Notice that the outdoor unit of your air conditioner leaked a little this past summer? We find that a lot of homeowners see this happen but ignore it and hope that no further problems ensue. If you have this problem you should address it head on.

It’s never too early to address any residual problems you had with your air conditioning this past summer in preparation for the summer ahead. Contact Switzerland Air for affordable AC repair services.

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