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You Need a New Heater

Family warm up hands over electric heaterThe weather is cooling off, the leaves are changing colors, and the sun is setting sooner. It’s fall, and winter is right on the horizon. When homeowners think of winter preparation, they’re thinking of preparing their home’s heater most often. This is the backbone of your home in the winter. We’re glad you have your focus right here, and we’re going to push you to get into the details of your heating service.

We’re the best HVAC contractor in Freeport, TX. If you’re looking for high-quality heater services in the area, you need to schedule an appointment with our team members. We’re here to find you the best work for your home. We want you to be safe and comfortable all winter long.

When to Get a New Heater

Are you unsure if it’s time to upgrade to a new heater? Here are the signs you need to switch it up and adopt a new heater for you home:

  • Rising energy bills with no clear cause
  • Your home’s heater is 10 years old or older
  • You’re noticing your home is always dry, uncomfortable, and prone to static shocks
  • Unusual noises (banging, rattling, buzzing, and humming)
  • You’re always repairing your home’s heater (more than once every few winters)
  • There’s excessive dust throughout your home
  • Your thermostat is drastically inaccurate
  • The heater runs in short cycles
  • The heater’s burner flame isn’t blue but another color like red, blue, or yellow

These are all the signs that you need to get a new heater for your home. Call us for what you need.

Your Heater Options

You’ve got options when you’re looking for a new heater here in Freeport. You can choose from the following heaters:


This is the most common type of furnace system in Freeport and across the country. Furnaces are great systems to rely on because they’re so cost-effective and dependable. You can count on a furnace system to effectively heat your home. They also use your home’s centralized network of ducts to ensure that heat is reaching every corner of the house.


If forced-air heating isn’t the right system for you, you might want to consider a boiler system. Boilers give off a different type of heat. The heat that you feel from a boiler feels more like the heat that the sun gives off. This type of warmth is unmatched, and it’s incredibly effective because it’s given off from subfloor and in-wall heating. A boiler is a great option for many homes. Just make sure you get a good one with the help of our team.

Heat Pump

Do you want an energy-efficient way to heat your home? Do you want one unit that can also cool your home too? A heat pump is a great option for any home here in our area. It’s an incredible way to get cost-effective year-round comfort too. Not all heat pumps are built the same. You need to find the one that’s going to match your needs, and we’re here to help you. We’ll install it perfectly for you too.

Contact Switzerland Air today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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