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It’s Never Too Late for AC Maintenance

tools-close-upOkay, so we’re not going to lie to you: sometimes it is a little late to schedule air conditioning maintenance services, but that “too late” period isn’t now. We’re only in late spring after all. We know that late spring is basically summer in a place like Lake Jackson, TX, but we haven’t even hit our stride when it comes to high temperatures in our area. You know this if you’re a long-time resident.

If you’ve been dragging your feet when it comes to scheduling an air conditioning maintenance appointment in Lake Jackson, TX, make sure that you contact our professionals today. We’re the only ones who can’t provide you with worthwhile and long-lasting services. You’ll meaningfully invest in the comfort of your home with the help of our team.

“I Really Still Have Time?”

Now if you stay up to date on our blog or read any other HVAC professional’s website, you know that you’re supposed to tune-up your air conditioner in spring. When we say spring, we really mean the early half of spring. You may wonder why this is the case, so we’re going to get into it here. The whole point of maintenance is prevention. We want you to prevent disaster, mid-season repair work, and pesky air conditioning problems. You really can’t give yourself the adequate amount of time to handle any problems that maintenance uncovers if you handle your maintenance work mid-summer or even right before summer.

Now all this being said, we understand that time has a habit of getting away from you. You can have unexpected stresses, life events, and occurrences that push something as seemingly simple as scheduling air conditioning maintenance to the bottom of your to-do-list. We’re not blaming you for not expecting then unexpected, nor are we passing judgment—we’re human too. All we want you to do now is pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with our professionals today.

The Details of Our Maintenance Plan

Now let’s get into the details of our maintenance plan because we’re sure you’re wondering what it includes. If you’re going to take the step to call us for maintenance, you also need to consider enrolling in our maintenance plans because it can keep your air conditioning system afloat and running properly for years to come. Our plan includes:

  • Priority service—even if you need an appointment in the middle of a high impact time like a heatwave, you’re still going to jump ahead in line in front of non-club members
  • A 15% discount on all repair work
  • You can extend the life of your air conditioning (and heating) system
  • It keeps your system running efficiently
  • It helps you save money because your system runs efficiently

Our maintenance plan is worth it for a multitude of reasons. We’re not going to have to break the bank just to save a little on your air conditioning needs either. Call today.

Call Switzerland Air today to schedule an appointment for your air conditioning maintenance services. We understand how to keep Texas homes cool.

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