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Noises Your Boiler Shouldn’t Be Making

Engineers have yet to invent a heating system capable of perfect self-diagnosis. If you have a boiler keeping your home warm, it cannot tell you exactly when something is wrong with it and what repairs are necessary to fix it. However, boilers do have ways of indirectly communicating their repair needs through sounds. If you detect a disruption in the normal pattern of sounds that your boiler makes, it usually means the system needs to have professional attention soon.

Never ignore any of the warning sounds listed below. Get on the phone and call Switzerland Air to arrange for our professional heating repair service in Brazoria, TX. We will discover what is wrong with your boiler and find the best way to resolve the problem. We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Here are a few of the odd sounds you may hear from your boiler that will warn you to call for heating technicians:

  • Rumbling: First of all, don’t panic that a rumbling sound means that your boiler is about to burst. This is a very rare occurrence. What is more likely is that the mixing valve is faulty and hot and cold water are mixing at the top of the tank. It could also indicate scale build-up from hard water that is creating a temperature imbalance, or sediment developing along the bottom of the tank.
  • Banging: A sharp banging noise from the boiler could be water hammer, which occurs when hot and cold water meet in the tank or the heat loops. If you hear it in the pipes, it could mean low water inside the tank. This will require a professional to repair.
  • Booming: This is a noise associated with natural gas boilers, the most common type found in homes. When you hear this booming noise as the boiler comes on, it means that the burners are dirty or in some way blocked from drawing enough air to evenly ignite the gas jets. A repair technician will need to detach the burners and clean them off. As with any repair for a natural gas appliance, only licensed professionals should handle it.

Boilers can achieve extremely long lifespans, provided they receive the right level of care each year and prompt repairs when necessary. Should you notice any of the above sounds, do not hesitate to call for heating repair in Brazoria, TX from Switzerland Air.

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