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Pay Attention to These Signs of Heating Trouble

gas-burnerHave you ever considered what to do if your heater gives you problems? Maybe you’ve heard your heating will go out and aren’t sure how to fix it. Or perhaps you already know something needs fixing, like a broken compressor in your furnace, but don’t know the best approach for making repairs.

Regardless of the situation, it’s essential to understand the signs of heating trouble so you can effectively repair and prevent these issues.

Heating systems are essential and intricate appliances; you need to ensure regular maintenance to function efficiently. To avoid your heating system malfunctioning in the middle of the cold season, you need to schedule routine heating repair in Clute, TX. Below are the signs to look for when you suspect that you have heating problems.

1.     Increasing Energy Bills

It is normal to notice a slight increase in your monthly energy bills during winter as the heating system is almost always on. However, is the upsurge unusually high? The culprit is most likely an aging heating unit. Your heating system loses its level of efficiency as it ages.

When your heater is less efficient, it will take longer and use more energy to warm up the house. After ruling out the changing energy rates, consider consulting a heating repair service to check on your heater.

2.     Loud or New Noises from the Heating System

An optimally functioning unit will not be as noisy. If you happen to hear certain noises coming from your heating system, it is better to have it checked by the repair service.

These unusual sounds might be from different sources, including:

  • Loose bearing and a weakening blower motor belt can cause a squealing noise
  • A malfunctioning blower fan motor could cause a humming sound
  • Loose screws on the heating systems, an unsteady motor, or unfastened ductwork would cause a rattling noise

Do not ignore unusual noises from your heating system, as they will not resolve independently. These signs indicate problems with your system, and you should get it looked at.

3.     Burning Odor

A burning odor is typical if it lasts only for a short while after you first turn on your heating system. It is normal to smell burning as dirt burns off in the vents. If the smell stays on for hours, it becomes a cause for concern.

This odor could originate from a damaged mechanical or electrical component. A neglected burning odor from your heating system can result in the malfunction of the system or even a fire.

4.     A Drop in Airflow

Low airflow causes your heater to function inefficiently. You might find yourself turning the heat too high to get the right temperature for your home. As a result, your energy bills rise as the heating system uses more fuel.

The added pressure might cause the heater to malfunction. If you find yourself cranking up the heat too high to keep you from freezing, then consider contacting heater repair in Clute, TX.

5.     When Your Heater Takes Long To Start or Short Cycles

When your heater takes a long time to start, it is a sign of a faulty heating system. The same applies when the heater cannot stay on for a long time. Short cycling occurs when the heater overheats and turns off to cool down before it starts again.

A heater should run for at least 15 minutes to attain the programmed temperature. If it is intermittent more than four times within an hour, it is clear that you need heating repair in Clute, TX.

Do not wait until winter to have your heating system checked. Contact Switzerland Air for your heating care in your home anytime you notice any of the outlined signs.

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