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Problematic Furnace Noises to Listen For

Texas has mild winters, but that doesn’t mean we won’t receive some unpleasant shocks as well as stretches of weather that hover at uncomfortably cool temperatures. You still need excellent heating from your gas furnace, so keep a vigil for early signs of possible trouble. Or maybe “vigil” isn’t the right word, since it implies using your vision. Your ear is the best sense to tell if your West Columbia homes furnace has started to develop repair problems.

Modern furnaces don’t make an extraordinary amount of noise (older models sometimes sounded like snoring bears with sinus troubles!), so anything unusual that comes from the vents or the cabinet should stand out. Switzerland Air has serviced many malfunctioning furnaces, and we have a list of the common noises in your furnace that might indicate trouble. Call us if you hear any of these sounds—don’t try to do the diagnosis or repairs yourself.


Likely cause: The motor bearings are worn down.

Repair: Lubrication on the bearings might fix this if the damage hasn’t gone too far. Otherwise, the bearings will need replacement before the motor is damaged.


Likely cause: If the sound comes from the furnace cabinet, it means the gas burners are dirty.

Repair: The burners will need cleaning.

Clanking or Squealing

Likely cause: A loose blower motor fan belt.

Repair: Tightening the belt will fix this, unless it is gotten cracked or dented, in which case it will need replacement. This repair should be done soon to prevent a loose belt from causing damage to other components.

Loud rattling

Likely cause: A crack in the heat exchanger.

Repair: This needs immediate professional repair because of the danger of a carbon monoxide leak. Shut off the gas supply to the furnace and call an HVAC technician to see to this problem.

Because of the danger of toxic gas exposure and explosions, experience is a must when attempting to repair a modern furnace. The best technicians to handle the job are those with NATE-certification. (North American Technical Excellence, the only certification the entire HVAC industry recognizes.) At Switzerland Air, we are proud that all our technicians have NATE-certification. When you call on us to service your furnace in West Columbia, TX, you’ll know you’re getting a top-level technician.

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