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Ready For a Smart Home? Here’s Where to Start

studio-shot-of-modern-thermostatNow more than ever, people are making their homes smart. You might have already started in some ways. You could have smart lights that you can turn on from your phone, a robot vacuum, or maybe even a smart speaker that can pick up on your commands. Although you probably have parts here and there, trying to make your home an entire smart home is a different story. If you’re looking to start the process today, we want to be here to help.

All you need to do is start with one small part. The part of your home that we suggest you start with is the brain of your HVAC system: the thermostat. When we’re talking about thermostats in particular, we like wireless thermostats in Lake Jackson, TX. This is a great place to start with your home and we want to help you with this. Let’s talk about this today…

Starting Your Smart Home with a Wireless Thermostat

Let’s start by talking about a wireless thermostat in your house. When we talk about these units with homeowners, it’s typically something that they’re shocked to hear us be so excited about. Sometimes, people don’t understand why wireless thermostats are so great. It’s because wireless thermostats are able to be programmed from anywhere. This is more of an asset than you might think. 

We know you’ve had those days where you forget a vital step before you head out the door. You’re human after all. Has one of these days ever resulted in your air conditioner or heater running all day while no one is home? This is bad news for your home efficiency and your energy bill. This is also a great opportunity for a Wi-Fi thermostat to step in and save the day. If you have a wireless thermostat, you can turn the system off from your phone. You can also turn the system on before you arrive home. You can put the days of arriving home to a chilly space on a fall evening behind you. This technology empowers you to be as toasty as possible all the time. 

What About Smart Thermostats?

A lot of the time, talking about a smart home leads to talk about smart thermostats. This line of thought makes a lot of sense because why wouldn’t you have a smart thermostat for a smart home? Smart thermostats are great because they take the power of a wireless thermostat and up it. Smart thermostats allow you to program the system remotely and also have the added ability of “learning” how you like to heat or cool your home. 

You read that correctly. Smart thermostats can take note of when you turn on your HVAC systems, how often, and what temperatures you choose. Then over time, it can either auto-adjust or suggest points where you can improve your efficiency. We want to help you with this process. We want to match you with a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat and help you with these services. 

Contact Switzerland Air today to schedule an appointment with our professionals regarding your thermostat services. 

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