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Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner

Is your air conditioner struggling to cool your home? Sometimes, calling for large-scale repairs is frustrating, and it may seem as though replacement is the best option. However, replacement is a costly solution, and a repair can sometimes keep the problems at bay for a few more years. The decision to replace your new air conditioner should not be made lightly, and you should discuss your air conditioner problems with a professional first. However, there are some ways you can tell whether repairing or replacing your air conditioner is the best option for your home.

When to Repair

If you’ve never called for air conditioning service before or if you have not had to call very often in the last few years, you may only need repair. A few repairs should be no reason for any concern since most homeowners will need to call a technician at least once over the lifespan of a system. Even if you have made several calls recently, repairing a system that is under ten years old may be the best option.

You should call for repair if you experience issues such as lowered cooling power or high energy bills. This may mean that you have a refrigerant leak or a frozen evaporator coil, and repairing these issues is far less expensive than purchasing a new system. However, if these problems persist after service and regular maintenance, the components of your system may be worn down to the point that replacement is the best option.

When to Replace

Sometimes, repairs will only provide a temporary patch for a bigger problem. Eventually, any air conditioning system will need replacement, and it may be more cost effective to replace now to wait for the system to break down suddenly in the middle of the cooling season.

Every air conditioning system has an expected lifespan, and you can usually check with the manufacturer to determine whether you have hit that point. Replacement can lower your monthly bills as well; many air conditioners manufactured today are much more efficient than older systems.

If you’ve decided that you need to repair or replace your system, Switzerland Air offers professional HVAC services in Lake Jackson, TX. Still unsure? Call us today to talk to an expert!

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