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Short Cycling: The Downfall of Your AC System

air-conditioner-installationSummer has just arrived, but it’s been hot here in Lake Jackson for a considerable amount of time. We know that you’ve relied on your air conditioner pretty heavily in the past few weeks to keep you comfortable in your home. It’s important to note any irregularities in your system and fix them early on rather than waiting until you face something like a breakdown.

This is an especially true statement if you’re experiencing something like short cycling. If you think you might need air conditioning repair in Lake Jackson, TX it’s time to call or email our professional. We specialize in prompt yet thorough services.

“What’s Short Cycling?”

This is a question we hear incredibly often at Switzerland Air. People know the problem they’re having but wouldn’t always describe it with the name “short cycling.” The term describes your air conditioning system starting, running for a short amount of time, stopping, and then starting up again very shortly after. This will happen multiple times an hour in your home. If this sounds like the problem you’re having then you’re definitely experiencing short cycling. We’ll get into why this type of occurrence is so terrible for your system below…

Why It Is So Terrible for Your AC

So why is short cycling so terrible for your air conditioning system? Well, short cycling is incredibly labor intensive. The start up of your air conditioning system is the most strenuous part of the cooling process. When you allow your air conditioner to short cycle for a long period of time, it locks your system into that extremely stressful start up cycle indefinitely. This puts an unnecessary amount of wear and tear on your system and drastically shortens the lifespan of the AC. It can also put your system at risk of a breakdown during this time of year. Your air conditioner is a big investment. Make sure you take care of this unit with the proper air conditioning repairs whenever they are necessary.

Exploring the Other End of Your AC Issues

There’s another unfortunate problem that many homeowners run into during this time of year that you might be familiar with as well. It’s the antithesis to short cycling. If you notice that your air conditioner seems to run endlessly with little downtime in between cycles you’re experiencing another debilitating air conditioning issue. It’s an issue that stems from the same root issue. If you’re experiencing extremely long cool cycles or short cycling it’s because your air conditioner is unable to adequately cool your home. This could either be because of a problem like dirty filters or worn out parts or due to a bigger issue like an incorrectly sized air conditioning unit. If your air conditioner is too big for your home you’ll experience short cycling. If your air conditioner is a little undersized you’ll notice your air conditioner running for super long amounts of time.

If you’re experiencing short cycling it’s time to contact our team here at Switzerland Air.

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